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Need to let go of something but you don't know how?

Could your life benefit from surrendering an unhealthy habit, a defeating thought, or an unloving behaviour? Start your own inner journey and learn how to use these life-changing tools to free yourself from unloving patterns. The videos, podcasts, and meditations in this online course will help you to discover what is blocking you from living and loving fully.

Julie Rennie's Self-Love Course

  • Join Julie for a weekly webinar and complete an online lesson
  • Listen to the podcasts and immerse yourself with loving perspectives
  • Use your Worksheets or Journal to process your thoughts and feelings
  • Watch the videos to learn how to change self-sabotaging patterns
  • Reach for the meditations to clean up unconscious patterns

Learn how to attract loving experiences

For less than $8 per week, you get access to all the videos, podcasts and meditations. Join the weekly webinar classes with Julie for 1 year.

Self-Love Course

Payment Plan
$ 99
AU Monthly for 4 months
  • Lifetime Access to Course
  • Weekly Support (1 Year)
  • All Class Worksheets

Self-Love Course

One Time Payment
$ 396
AU One Time Paymnet
  • Lifetime Access/All Worksheets
  • Weekly Support (1 Year)
  • All Class Worksheets
I came across Julie during a turbulent and confusing time in my life. Within six days I found my partner with another woman, nursed my Father through to his death and was undergoing chemotherapy. My emotions were uncontrollable hitting me like waves, pulling me in all directions all at the one time. I enrolled in her Self-Love Course and underwent a series of private coaching sessions, bringing me back to my heart, back into alignment and back to self-love. I believe Julie’s teachings and loving guidance were paramount in keeping me sane, grounded and in my radiance. Julie helped me view life from a different perspective–a sustainable and resilient perspective, one I wouldn’t be without and live by every day❣️ Thank you, Julie, you changed my world.

Course outline

The path to peace is love


Create loving thoughts


Love completes the soul


Live healthy and light


Free your soul to love


Live a purposeful life


Live from your heart

I'm so grateful to Julie for teaching me how to get out of my head and into the loving place in my heart, taking responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings. I feel happier creating a safe space to let go of any negative thoughts and emotions without judgment or blame. Simply put... Love gives you back more energy, vitality and joy into your life naturally.

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14-day guarantee

If the Self-Love Course isn't for you, email us for a cancellation within 14 days of purchase for a refund.

Questions answered

Start the course right now and jump on board with the webinar classes any time. 

Emptying out emotional weight is a journey, and unique to all. Work at your own pace and take the time to self-reflect with each lesson. You have lifetime access to the course and one-year access to the live webinar classes. If you enjoy the live webinars you can renew this yearly.

Every step of the way, you will be guided to empty out an unloving pattern or behavior. Every process is designed to bring you into harmony with love. This love will grow the further you go with the course.

Events are currently on hold due to world events. Let us know if you are interested in future events by sending an email on the contact page. Please let us know where you are from, and we will keep you updated if Julie is having an event near you.

Yes, Julie is available for a single coaching session. You can enquire about availability from the coaching or contact page to email Julie your preferred time. 

There are coaching packages with discounts available. You can enquire from the coaching or contact page.

When you enroll you will receive an email with your log in details. Follow the prompts for immediate access to the course. Please check your junk folder because sometimes this is where you will find your first email from us. Once you activate your membership you can also log in directly from this website menu. I recommend that you log out after each use. This way any updates to the course will be updated.

You can cancel within 14 days of the date of enrollment. Go to the contact page and email for a cancellation. Please supply your full name and the email address you used to enroll. If you used a single payment a refund can be issued within 14 days of purchase minus the coaching fee if used.

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Julie Rennie's Self-Love Course

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