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Interview with Love is a beautiful story to get lost in. It’s about deep soulful love and explores the spiritual concept of twin flames or twin souls. It’s about finding the one person who triggers your soul into awakening—your one true love. It’s both romantic and deeply mystical.

Love’s Wisdom Inspiration Cards – Select any card from this deck of 52 cards and reconnect with love. As individuals, we all have the potential to balance our lives with love and become a loving and harmonious person. These cards will help you to create a loving self-awareness, and bring healing to your mind, body and soul.

This Self-Love Journal is best used with Julie Rennie’s Self-Love Course.  Using the journal with the course you will awaken your journey to a higher resonance of love. Start your own inner journey and transform your life with the power of self-love

This Wellness Journal is best used with Julie Rennie’s Wellness Course, which is based on the best-selling Metabolic Clock books. Using the Journal with the course you’ll learn that certain lifestyle changes can make a big difference in guiding you to improved health as a lifestyle.

 In The Harmonized Soul, you will learn how to free yourself from unloving patterns and create your life from a higher dimension of love.  Join best-selling author Julie Rennie as she guides you on your journey back to love. Use her collection of techniques to empty out emotional, mental, and physical clutter. Available in good bookstores.

Tap into the secrets of The Metabolic Clock and discover how to lose weight easily and increase energy, while keeping healthy and motivated. Learn how to break through what blocks you from your willpower and motivation. Available in good bookstores.

The Metabolic Clock Cookbook is filled with recipes that are designed to speed up your metabolism and improve your health. This is an inspiring cookbook filled with nourishing and delicious meals covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and treats. Available in good bookstores.

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