Heal emotional triggers

Are you struggling with your emotions? Do you have painful patterns repeating in your life? You might be doing well, and out of the blue drama shows up that triggers pain inside of you. Maybe you lash out, unable to control your reaction, or you withdraw and close yourself off from the world. Perhaps you get triggered into an unhealthy habit?

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$ 86
  • 1 Hour Duration
  • Via Google Meet

Twin Flame

$ 86
  • 1 Hour Duration
  • Via Google Meet

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$ 45
  • 30 Minute Duration
  • Via Google Meet

Can’t find a time in the booking calendar that suits your time zone? Send an email with your location and preferred time. Let’s work it out.

Working with Julie over the past six months has allowed me to grow, explore and love on much deeper levels.
It was so worth the discovery to acknowledge a feeling that I wasn't good enough, and let it go. This makes it easier to love.

Gain clarity and feel ligher

In our phone coaching session, you’ll turn emotional triggers into loving interactions. I’ll help you to clear away the mental and emotional clutter that’s disempowering you. I’ll show you how to clean up heavy, icky feelings, gain mental clarity and feel centred and calm.

Coach, Author, Speaker

Julie Rennie is one of Australia’s leading health and wellbeing speakers. In her best selling books and courses, Julie has inspired thousands of people to live a loving and healthy life. Julie has appeared on national television, has given numerous radio interviews, and contributed to over 40 national magazines and newspaper articles. She loves to empower people with self-love and to teach the benefits of living each day with a healthy daily routine.

Live with harmony

Following a series of personal struggles, Julie embarked on a journey to find greater meaning in life. Instead of seeking enlightenment by shaving her head and sitting in an ashram she chose a simpler path– letting go of material possessions and focusing on present moment awareness.

Through this inward journey, Julie delved into her soul, using unconditional love to heal past burdens and find peace of mind. Julie believes that no matter what your aspirations are, it’s essential to maintain a balanced life through daily self-care and self-love practices.

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