Become the best version of you and embrace a life filled with love

Build a loving relationship with yourself

Are you tired of feeling the same way–angry, offended, comparing yourself to others or feeling not good enough? Whether you created your emotional burden or inherited it, I’ll show you how to free yourself from the unloving patterns that are sabotaging your dreams. Join me in my self-love course and clean up the stuff that’s been holding you back from living and loving fully right here and now.

How would your life change if you become more loving?

  • Would you feel more peaceful and calm?
  • Would you take better care of yourself?
  • Would your relationships improve?
  • Would it make your life more purposeful?

Who is this course for?

Are you prone to negative thoughts? Are you triggered easily? Do you have indiscriminate pain inside you blocking you from making healthy choices? Do you second guess your instincts? Do you berate yourself because you lack motivation? Do you know what you want to let go of but you don’t know how? Is your ego out of control separating you from the people you love…because it wants to be right?

Emotional burden clutters your mind, your heart and your soul. It’s heavy and it weighs you down. Needless to say, it’s baggage that you don’t need to carry. In my self-love course, you’ll get the tools to do a deep clean of your mental and emotional clutter. We all have these background patterns that are hindering our life…our joy. Uncover these patterns and free yourself to create a new life from the energy of love.

Julie Rennie's self-love course

In this online course, you’ll awaken your journey back to your loving self. These videos, podcasts, and meditations will help you to discover what is blocking you from living and loving fully. Start your own inner journey and learn how to use these life-changing tools to free yourself from unloving patterns. Discover how to live from a higher resonance of love.

Latest Podcast - Returning Yourself to Love

Wellness Advocate Amy Innes interviews Julie Rennie for her Uplevel Your Life Podcast Series. Julie explains that her work is a deep dive into pulling out what she calls “burdens in your soul.” We can either churn over pain for years or find a way to revert our inner energy back to love, and enjoy life here and now.

Changing people's lives

In life, we can arrive at a place where we want answers, and the truth about ourselves. Julie has a magical way to guide you from despair into the light with strategies of success and attitudes of self-love, which permeates into your surrounding world.
I didn't think I could trust enough to love again. Julie listens and gently guides. She gave me many strategies to manage self-doubt and mistrust, allowing me to find the love within myself, enabling me to fall in love again.

Get coaching support

As a best selling author and coach, I’ve helped thousands of people to rid themselves of heavy emotional weight. Are you struggling with your emotions? You can struggle along on your own or you can book a coaching session and I’ll teach you how to clean up the painful triggers that are disempowering you. Save time and energy by not spiralling out of control and free yourself to be in the fullness of love.

Julie's books

Julie is an author of best-selling personal development books. Her signature transformative style will leave you thinking about the changes you would like to make that will fill your consciousness with love and purpose.

Julie Rennie's wellness course

With a little bit of self-love, you’ll discover how easy it is to make healthy lifestyle changes that will boost your energy. Based on Julie’s best-selling book ‘The Metabolic Clock’ the simple daily routines in this course are designed to assist you to live with more balance. This course shows you that certain lifestyle changes can make an amazing difference and guides you to weight loss and improved health as a lifestyle. To enjoy balance in all things.

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