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Are you struggling with your emotions? Do you have painful patterns repeating in your life? You might be doing well, and out of the blue drama shows up that triggers pain inside of you. Maybe you lash out, unable to control your reaction, or you withdraw and close yourself off from the world. Perhaps you get triggered into an unhealthy habit?

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$ 125
  • 1 Hour Duration
  • Web Meeting or by Phone

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$ 625
  • 6 x 1 Hour Sessions
  • Web Meeting or by Phone

Gain clarity and feel ligher

In our phone coaching session, you’ll learn my four-step process to turn emotional triggers into loving interactions. It’s called the Soul Cleanse method. If you use this method when you’re triggered you’ll clear away the mental and emotional clutter that’s holding your soul hostage and disempowering you. I’ll show you how to clean up heavy, icky feelings, gain mental clarity and feel centred and calm.

Working with Julie over the past six months has allowed me to grow, explore and love on much deeper levels.
It was so worth the discovery to acknowledge a feeling that I wasn't good enough, and let it go. This makes it easier to love.

Coach, Author, Speaker

Julie Rennie is one of Australia’s leading health and wellbeing speakers. In her best selling books and courses, Julie has inspired thousands of people to live a loving and healthy life. Julie has appeared on national television, has given numerous radio interviews, and contributed to over 40 national magazines and newspaper articles. She loves to empower people with self-love and to teach the benefits of living each day with a healthy daily routine.

Live harmoniously

Years ago, I decided to choose love as a way of being, regardless of life’s challenges. There are delightful reminders everywhere. It’s so joyful to find heart-shaped rocks, a beautiful feather, or noticing kindness from a stranger. I don’t let these beautiful moments go unnoticed anymore. Being in a state of harmony makes it easier to let go of the small stuff that passes by us every day. 

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I’m in Melbourne, Australia. It helps to know your location.

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I’m in Melbourne, Australia. It helps to know your location